5 Easy Vintage Sewing Projects to do in Iso

At home with nothing to do? One of the best ways to learn to sew is to jump right in - really! 

Here are some great easy projects using things you might have already in the house; bedsheets, tablecloths, old clothing, or just those bits of fabric you’ve been hoarding. Have some fun with one of these vintage-inspired #iSEWlation projects.

Basic robe

Don’t be afraid to make a shorter version if you don’t have enough fabric - or get creative! Lengthen a garment by adding a different colour to the hem and/or cuffs. A great use for old blankets or towels. View tutorial 

Sunglasses case

This is a great beginner project and can be handsewn. Nothing brings an outfit together like the little details. A sunglasses case for every occasion? Wardrobe level up! View tutorial 

Sleep mask

Wake up looking a little more like Greta Garbo - at least until you take the mask off. I personally recommend trying the ‘without trim’ version down the bottom which is less fiddly. View tutorial

Kimono throw from a scarf

Take a leaf from the 1920s and get into all-day pyjamas with style. This scarf upcycle is easier than falling off a chair. View tutorial

Pyjama pants

To go with your new kimono throw, of course... Incredibly, I still have a pair of PJ pants like this that I made back in 1998 that are STILL good. One of the great advantages to old bedsheets is that they tend to be good quality fabrics. View tutorial


- Don’t stress the small details
- There’s more than one way to do it.
- The first one WILL be ugly.

Now sew forth and conquer!

By Rachel Bradstock

Elise Design in-house tailor/sales consultant
Owner of The Definite Article