We also stock shoes, accessories, and a small number of clothing items from other makers who compliment the Elise Design brand. We particularly aim to support local designers, small businesses, and those whose ethical values align with our own.


Most of our shoes are custom made in Europe, by family owned businesses. 

Designed & made in Spain.


Custom-made for Elise in Spain by a family business. The Brako range is designed to help maintain a healthy foot while being stylish. This is one of our favourite brands for its quality, comfort & generous fit. All materials used are natural & chemical free. They also feature removable anatomical footpads for orthotics.

Bueno, Miss M is developed in Melbourne by brothers Nick & Ben. Handcrafted in Spain, Portugal & Turkey. Comfortable flats with extremely soft & colourful leathers.

A family business created by Conrado Pascual in 1986. and continues to work with great enthusiasm and passion. High quality, organic leather with natural dyes free from lead or heavy metals. Marila are committed to low-waste packaging.

Designed & handmade in Portugal

Conceived out of SoHo, New York City. A team of European designers seeks out only the highest quality imported leathers, while incorporating design elements aimed at achieving the utmost comfort throughout the collection. At Elise Design, we love the Miz Mooz retro/vintage inspired ranges- they are perfect for our dresses. We value versatility and with the closed toe of these retro style shoes, it means that you can wear them all year round. 

Neo was conceived in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1980 but its roots can be traced back to shoemaking ancestors who had migrated from Brindisi in the south of Italy to Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey, at the turn of the previous century. Their creative team draws on this tradition, re-defining classical themes in contemporary fashion.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia. Handmade in China. 

A Spanish shoe brand dedicated to the design and production of espadrilles. Raw jute is the principal material in their handmade manufacturing process.

Comfortable espadrilles made in high quality, raw materials. Viguera's founders have been working with footwear since 1978. 
It began with a small and humble espadrille factory, and is now an important manufacturer both in Spain and abroad. 

Developed in Western Australia by senior shoes developer John, and made in Spain. These shoes are very comfortable and affordable sandal & low-heel ranges. Made of natural cork and soft leathers.

Rock & Dots: Designed and Hand-Made in Portugal

Inspired by retro and vintage styles and colors, Rock & Dots skillfully hand-make their shoes for every moment, with top quality and comfort from the good old days. Their shoes not only reflect a true classic/timeless look but are also built with cushioning foot pads and very sturdy heels.

Established in 1999, Paula Urban aims to create original, exclusively designed, comfortable sandals for fashion-conscious women. The company prides itself on its love for high-quality raw materials, particularly leather, which it enriches and brings to life through finishing processes and unmatched flexibility, with manual craftsmanship playing a crucial role.

Paula Urban's footwear is designed with comfort as its cornerstone, featuring the unique Flot-up System. This system enhances insole comfort using innovative materials that compress, recover, and expand with each step. The technology continuously evolves, integrating the finest materials and ergonomic outsole designs to ensure optimal foot support, considering heights and surface variations.

In Spain, Paula Urban is renowned in countries with a rich shoemaking heritage, such as Italy and France, and is also favored by women in Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, England, Germany, Russia, Austria, New Zealand, and Australia.

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We are proud to continue our partnership with our good friends at Birdsnest, offering exclusive Elise designs and early release items.