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Welcome to the Elise Design Rewards Program

Over the years the support of our wonderful customers has helped us to be able to create beautiful collections, stores and our website. To recognise this support we wanted to give a little something back to those who have helped us along the way. The Elise Design online rewards program lets you collect points that you can use for future discounts on online purchases. We offer 2 different rewards and you can collect points in a number of ways. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

We have 2 different rewards available - 10% off & 20% off. As you collect points you can choose to unlock one of these rewards. A 10% reward requires 500 points and 20% reward requires 900. Once you have collected 500 points you can choose to redeem a 10% discount coupon or continue collecting until you get to 900.

Collecting Points:
We didn't want it just to be about shopping so there are a variety of ways you can collect points towards your rewards:

  • Shopping - collect 1 point for every $1 spent online. Points are automatically added to your account when your order is completed. 
  • Creating an account - You can collect 75 points simply by creating an account on the Elise Design website. Having an account gives you the added advantage of access to exclusive members offers as well as the rewards program.
  • Leave a review - Tell us about your purchase and collect 25 points. Simply leave a review on our product pages and points will be added to your account. You can leave up to 2 reviews a week.
  • Social Sharing - Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or both! and collect 25 points for each action. You can also collect 25 points for sharing our store with your Facebook friends.
  • Refer a Friend - You can collect 50 points for referring a friend to the Elise Design website. Clicking the Refer A Friend button on your rewards control panel generates a link that you can send to your friends by email or any of your messaging apps. The link takes your friend to a sign up page which also gives them a code for free shipping on their first order. Once they place an order, 50 points will be added to your account. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer!


How does it all work?

At the top right corner of the Elise Design website there is a link called Elise Rewards.

Clicking this link takes you to your rewards control panel. There are 2 tabs on the control panel - Rewards and Earn. Your points balance is displayed at the top of the control panel.

The Rewards tab shows the available rewards. As you earn enough points to use a reward, it will become unlocked on this tab. Simply click on the unlocked reward to redeem it.

The Earn tab shows you the various options for collecting points. If you aren’t already following us on Facebook and Instagram you can click the link on the Earn tab and start following us that way. If you were already following us before our rewards started, email us at and we’ll add your points manually.


The Fine Print

We’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible and in the interest of transparency there a couple of small things we need to tell you about:

  • Discount Codes: Due to the nature of our discount codes, rewards cannot be used in combination with other discounts or gift certificates.
  • Returns: Points collected from purchases that are returned for refund will be subtracted from you points balance once a refund has been processed.
  • Shipping: Points generated by a purchase are not applied to the shipping cost of an order.
  • Changes: From time to time we may need to make some changes to the way points are issued or redeemed. We will publish any changes to the program before it happens.
  • Redeemed rewards can be used one time only. Once a reward is redeemed, the points used for the redemption will be removed and new points will continue to be added from your next point generating activity.


That’s pretty much everything. If you have any questions about the Elise Design rewards program please contact our team at