Vintage Fads to Recreate at Home

Still in lock down, what’s a babe to do?!  Might I suggest giving one (or all!) of these vintage fashion fads a go?

1930s half-moon manicures

Popularised in the 1930s, these leave a crescent of nail bare at the base of the nail. One theory is this style originated to show that women weren’t hiding dirty nails with nail polish! 

50s Letter Sweaters

Girls would wear their boyfriends letterman jackets and sweaters, to show everyone they were dating an athlete. Mix it up and create your own letter sweater for your own ‘team’! Also a great way to cover a stain or a rip in a garment. 

Paint your Frames

In the 1940s there was a fad for painting the rims of your eye glasses with red nail polish. This is a great way to refresh an old pair of sunnies - and don’t stick to just red!

Hair Snoods

A 1940s classic, a hair snood is basically a bag for your hair that fastens with a clip or tie. Instant vintage day-wear cred, and another great bad-hair-day hack.

1920s Underwear

The antithesis of the corset, 20s lingerie is all about long-line, bust minimisation and freedom of movement. Chemises, slips, french knickers and other sleepwear/lingerie crossover styles mean you’ll be comfortable and femme while still staying true to your vintage aesthetic! Moreover, the patterns are often very simple if you want to have a go at making them yourself.


By Rachel Bradstock

Elise Design in-house tailor/sales consultant
Owner of The Definite Article